Zinga Drying Times

Zinga drying times can obviously vary due to humidity and temperature but on the whole are fast. Once dried, the Zinga film requires exposure to fresh air, carbon dioxide and moisture to become fully cured. The natural porosity of the coating is dramatically reduced as curing takes place, and Zinga continues to harden for several weeks after application.

It is very important to note that before exposure to a saline environment (i.e. submerged in salt water or placed in a salt spray zone) all zinganised surfaces will require saturation with fresh water for a minimum of two hours to properly seal them. If the coating is unlikely to be immediately exposed to a salt atmosphere then exposure to rainwater or heavy overnight condensation for a couple of days will have the same sealing effect. Zinga can also be forced dried using Infrared drying systems.

Approximate Drying Times (45µm DFT) at 20°C:

  • Touch dry in 10 minutes
  • Dry to handle in 30 minutes (using heavy lifting equipment)
  • Dry to overcoat with more Zinga in 60 minutes
  • Dried to overcoat with water-based paints in 4 hours
  • Dried to overcoat with Alufer N sealer in 4 hours
  • Dried to overcoat with 2K PU or acrylic paints in 4 hours
  • Cured to overcoat with epoxy in 24 hours