Zinga Certifications

There are a large range of certifications Zinga has been granted, and many reports written about the individual products. Over the last 30 years Zinga has undergone numerous testing processes and the details of some of these are listed below.

Certification Index
00Salt spray testingSouth African Bureau of Standards
01Reaction to fireBS 476 Part 7Laboratory for fire testing, Belgium
02Reaction to fire initiationBS 476 Part 6SGS (UK) Ltd
03Spread of flameBS 476 Part 7Exova Warrington fire (UK)
04Toxic emissionsBS 6853 – B.2Exova Warrington fire (UK)
05Smoke DensityBS 6853 – D8.4Exova Warrington fire (UK)
06Smoke toxicityDef stan 02-711Rapra Technology (MoD) (UK)
07Zinc purityEN1179 / ISO/DISUmicore Chemicals (Belgium)
08Ballast TanksDet Norske Veritas (Norway)
09Chassis structureLand Rover
10Pull-off testingScicon Brugge (Belgium)
11Cathodic disbondmentBS 3900 – F10Bodycote Laboratories (UK)
12Abrasion (Taber) testingASTM 4060 – 6Not quotedStatement from ZM
13Abrasion testingNot quotedNMBSAK (Belgium)
14Polarity reversalSheffield University (UK)
15 NATO approval
16 Approval for structuresBBA (UK)
17Magnetic Particle
Oilfield Inspection Services (UK)
18The ph limits of Zinga /
Statement from Royal Gent
University (Belgium)
19Specific resistance of Zinga CLC /TR 50404ISMA Consulting
20Salt-spray testing / powderASTM B117Not specified
21Thermal oxidation of ZingaUniversity of Gent (Belgium)
22Electrochemical evaluationBNF Fulmer LaboratoriesZinga corrodes slower than
23Weldability of ZingaRolls Royce Consulting (Notts Univ)Zinganised steel TIG is
24Arc welding of ZingaSoudometal (Belgium)
25Aquazinga pull-off testScicon Worldwide (Belgium)Blast-cleaned steel surface
25 (a)Aquazinga pull-off testScicon Worldwide (Belgium)Un-blasted steel surface
26Aquazinga salt sprayASTM B117Royal Gent University Materials
and Welding Dept
27Impact and bend testingStangers Laboratories (UK)
28London UndergroundLU Certification (UK)Fire, smoke and toxicity
29Density and volume solids
of Zinga
SNCB Laboratories (Belgium)
30Toxicity evaluationInstitute of Naval Medicine (UK)Abbey Wood
31 Company ISO certificationISO 9001: 2008SGS Service and System
32Atmospheric exposureISO 12944-6COT Laboratories (Holland)Zinga 2 x 60μm DFT
30Atmospheric exposureISO 12944-6COT Laboratories (Holland)Zinga 2 x 90μm DFT
31Exposure test to C5-I HighISO 12944 – 6COT Laboratories (Holland)Zinga + Alufer N
32Exposure to IM-2 and
IM-3 High
ISO 12944 – 6COT Laboratories (Holland)Zinga + PU Tar-free MIO
33Atmospheric exposureISO 12944 – 6ISO InternationalSummary report for Zinga
Salt-water resistanceISO 2812 – 1COT Laboratories (Holland)2012 Zinga + PU Tar-free
Waste-water resistanceISO 2812 – 12012 Zinga + PU Tar-free
34Aquazinga + Powder CoatRoyal Gent University (Materials)5000 hours salt-spray
35APAS websiteAustralian standards
36Mandrel bend testingBoedinger Agencies (South Africa)
37Test requirementsNORSOK M501 – 7 Standards (Norway)
38Atmospheric exposureNORSOK M501 – 1COT Laboratories (Holland)
38 (a)Atmospheric exposureNORSOK M501 – 7COT Laboratories (Holland)
38 (b)Primer under intumescentsNullifire
39 Primer under intumescentsETAG 018 (5.0.4.)Iris Vernici (Italy)
39 (a)Product Quality InsuranceConcordiaOld quality insurance doc
40Product Quality InsuranceFortis
40 (a)Product Quality InsuranceProduct Quality InsuranceInvoked during Sept 2012
40 (b)Zinc content in dried filmZingametallStatement of fact
41CUI patent-filing documentBoult, Wade and Tennent (UK)Corrosion Under Insulation
41 (a)Adhesion testASTM 3358Laboratory for Organic Chemistry1983
42Zinga on rebars in concreteASTM – G59
ASTM – G61
National Metallurgical LaboratoryIndia
43Comparative testing on
rebars in concrete
Steel Authority of IndiaZinga vs epoxy, HDG etc
44Comparative testing on
rebars in concrete
Jadavpur University (India)Tests including SCC
45Salt-spray testing of ZingaASTM – B117National Cheng Kung University2000 – 9500 hours testing
46Salt-spray testing of ZingaASTM – B117National Cheng Kung University2000 Chinese text version
47Salt spray Zinga vs HDGRoyal University of Gent (Belgium)1994
48RebarsB Holding1997
49Zinga in contact with foodCanadian Food Agency2004
50Evaluation of ZingaFulmer Laboratories1990
51Potable waterAS/NZSAustralian Water Quality Centre2012
54Potable water (Poland)
54 (a)Coastal exposure testingMaterials Mngment Institute (USA) 2003 Cape Canaveral
54 (b)Slip coefficientASTM A-490KTA-Tator (USA)2008
54 (c)Slip coefficientChina National Steel Test Centre2005
55Adhesion of Zinga to steelASTM -D4541COT Laboratories (Holland)2010
56Adhesion of Zinga to steelISO 4624COT Laboratories (Holland)2010
56 (a)Bend testing of ZingaISO 1519COT Laboratories (Holland)2010
57Galvanic action of ZingaCOT Laboratories (Holland)2011
58Galvanic action of ZingaRoyal Gent University (Belgium)2009
58 (a)Galvanic testing of ZingaFMPA laboratories (Germany)1992
59General testing of ZingaKuwait Inst. for Scientific Research
60Salt-spray and acidic SSDIN 53151WEPCO Laboratories (Egypt)1997
60 (a)Zinga on rebarsRussia2002
60 (b)Zinga on rebarsIV Finishing (Belgium)2004 Electrostatic spray
61Zinga on steel componentsSames (Belgium)2004 Electrostatic spray
62Blending of zinc layersRoyal Gent University (Belgium)1983
63Corrosion protectionCSRIRM (Russia)2002 UHP cleaned steel
64Salt-spray and other testsPSB (Singapore)1996
64Rebar pull-out testingRoyal Gent University (Belgium)1999
65VOC calculationsScientific Material Int. (USA)2006
66Weldability of ZingaRoyal Gent University (Belgium)1988 Statement
67Zinga – tank coating – shipsLloyds Register2012
68Suitability in constructionEuropean Technical Approvals2013 EC compliant
69Suitability in constructionKFW – DIN 50017German Building Regulations1990
69Reaction to fireEN13501Efectis2009