How To Apply Zinga

A photo showing ZInga being applied by spraying

We often get enquiries about how to apply Zinga. Once thoroughly mixed by a mechanical tool, Zinga can be applied by using a normal paintbrush, a short-fibre roller (not for the first coat) or a conventional or airless spray-gun. When applying Zinga by spraying it must only be thinned with Zingasolv. Please read the appropriate Data Sheet.

Zinga can easily be removed using Zingasolv. Also dried Zingacan be redissolved using Zingasolv.

Zinga can be applied in a wide variety of weather conditions. The application surface temperature range is from -15C to +60C where conditions allow with a maximum humidity of 95% so long as there is 3C minimum between the steel temperature and the dew point. Like all coatings the substrate surface should be free from all types of contamination.

Please seek advice from the us for extreme application environments.

The broad range of allowable application conditions that Zinga affords means that very few days are lost during projects due to poor weather i.e. the maintenance window is extended. This, combined with Zinga’s unlimited pot and shelf life, ensures minimal wastage of either time or materials during a project.